With our SALES DUE DILIGENCE methodology the SALES ADVISORS Expert Team has provided a powerful analysis toolbox to properly validate the growth potential of planned investments for PE-companies and investors.

I have supervised numerous M&A processes for more than 15 years; this has underscored my impression that significant sales elements and their relevance for growth are given only minimal or superficial consideration in the course of due diligence assessments.

Sales are a key determining force in the dynamics of growth. That is why we have created an analysis toolbox to thoroughly screen the workings of the sales department during the due diligence process.

Andreas Heinze, Sales Advisors GmbH, Managing Director

With our Sales-DD we provide PE-companies with the necessary market information and the relevant industry key figures.

The trust our clients place in us is based on our own extensive experience in operative management in sales, as well as on our unlimited customer focus.

WHY Sales Due Diligence?

  • A classic commercial due diligence procedure does not deliver the
    level of details required for the determiation of the critical growth potential.
  • PE-companies and investors need the necessary market information and the relevant industry key figures to validate planned investments.
  • Our Sales Due Diligence methodology consists of eight major Sales elements to validate the growth potential of future investments.
  • Based on our operational sales experience we are able to select – out of a setup of more than 200 possible questions – the critical ones for validating top-line growth.
  • The results of analysis serve as an immediate action programme for growth initiatives subsequent to an acquisition.
  • The Sales Advisors Expert Team is equipped with proven management experience in sales.