What we do


"Top-line" growth is ultimately the driving force behind future appreciation on planned investments. However, most of the potential for reducing costs remains limited in terms of contents and time.

  • Our SALES DUE DILIGENCE scheme quantifies real growth potential on a top-line level as part of a due diligence process.

Investment decisions made by private equity companies are reliant upon detailed market knowledge and industry benchmarks.

  • We provide private equity companies with the necessary market information and industry key figures using our well-established operational industry competence.

The opportunities to gain information in a due diligence process are usually limited. Relevant sales elements are generally only considered on a superficial level, even though they form the starting point for future growth. 

  • We have identified all relevant questions on the subject of ‘sales’ and ‘top-line growth’ within the framework of a professional testing methodology. We decided to select the critical questions for validating realistic growth parameters as part of a SALES DUE DILIGENCE.

Our Focus

During the due diligence, we usually coordinate the following tasks for investors as part of the SALES DUE DILIGENCE that is transferred to us:

  • Participation in management presentations
  • Supplying industry benchmarks
  • Transfer of all information gained to a realistic growth case in order to validate the growth that can be attained with the investment target.

Our Service Model

Sales Advisors offers an extremly flexible service model for the conduct of a SALES DUE DILIGENCE assessment.

  • Initial Check in the form of an approx. three-day initial analysis incl. participation at the “Management Presentation”
  • Basic Check in the form of an approx. five-day basic analysis including definition of relevant industry benchmarks
  • Performance Check incl. instructions for an immediate action program for growth initiatives in an approx. ten-day comprehensive analysis

Of course, customized agreements on the necessary scope of the assessment can be made in addition to the three models presented here.